Adopt a Greyhound Guide and Regan Black

It’s been over 20 years since we adopted our first greyhound Bubbles.  Since then my family and I have adopted or  fostered nearly 30 greyhounds.

Years ago, I didn’t know much about greyhounds. I was just married, we wanted a dog who wasn’t yappy. We started with one greyhound and fast forward a couple of years, we have a two teens and two greyhounds plus the cats. At times I describe myself as a zookeeper.

In the “Adopt A Greyhound Guide”,  I show you tips and tricks to  making your  greyhound your new fast-friend. The guide is my way of sharing how much love and fun you and your family can have when adopting a greyhound.

Half of all proceeds from the sale of Adopt A Greyhound Guide go to local greyhound rescue groups, so more families can have their own fast-friends.

Live the greyhound adventure,


p.s. Thanks for doing your homework on retired greyhounds.   They really are the best kind of canine friends. Visit the home page now for even more information on greyhound adoption.