Reviews of Adopt A Greyhound Guide

Allison Chappell DVM

“The adopt a greyhound guide is amazingly thorough and informative! People who read this manual will be well prepared for life with a greyhound. Regan has done a wonderful job combining facts about the breed and tender stories of her own life experiences with these terrific dogs. She clearly has a passion for retired racing greyhounds.”

Allison Chappell, DVM
Veterinarian Daniel Island SC

Mary Aquino and Coombs

First off, wow.  What a great “book”!  I was brought to tears a couple of times (the way you described meeting Brody – same w/me and Coombs…same day too…and, a reminder of the story of Levi…heartbreaking and happy all at the same time. It’s a great guide!

I love it,

Mary Aquino

Founding President Greyhound Pets of America-Charleston

Sam Morton

Regan Black has married two of her passions–adopting Greyhounds and masterful writing–to bring us a fantastic book. Through her own experience, she demystifies Greyhound adoption to describe to us the “joys, trials and more joys” of living with one of these majestic animals. Not only is her book well written, it’s written from the heart.

Sam Morton, Author of
Betrayed: The Austin Files, Newbery Medal nominee

Greyhound belonging to Kirstin Steele

“…a nice addition to ‘the literature’ with the personal stories as well as the basics.”

Kirstin Steele
VP of GPA-Charleston

Melanie Carpenter

“Adopt A Greyhound Guide is a very insightful resource for anyone considering adding a greyhound to their family.  Endearing personal stories intermingled with practical, helpful information complete with a shopping list for everything the new Greyhound might need.”

Melanie Carpenter
Indianapolis, In.